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The Stone Maidens

Bottled Black Sand

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Our captivating bottled Black Sand, serves as a perfect addition to enhance your altar or sacred space.

This bottle of Black Sand offers endless possibilities for creative uses. Whether it's adorning your terrariums, energizing your charging dishes, or filling spell jars, the versatility of this sand knows no bounds. Its smooth texture and dark hue make it an ideal surface for burning incense sticks, cones, or dried herbs. Additionally, it can be skillfully employed to draw intricate runes or symbolic patterns.

Measuring 3.75 inches in height and a width of 1.20 inches, each bottle exudes an elegant and compact presence. 

The combined weight of this offering is 92g, with the bottle weighing 28g and the sand weighing 64g. Experience the allure and utility of this bottled Black Sand, designed to inspire and elevate your spiritual practice!


Please note, if you are a repeat buyer of our bottled black sand. This bottle is shorter, but it is wider and holds almost double the sand.