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The Stone Maidens

Tumbled Crystal Set for Self Love

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Elevate your self-love journey with our Self-Love Crystal Kit, featuring Larvikite, Green Moss Agate, Moonstone, and Tigers Eye. These Tumbled Crystals come in a bag to easily carry with you! 

These stones work in harmony with one another to boost one's self-love. Larvikite promotes inner strength and self-awareness, while Green Moss Agate nurtures emotional balance and self-acceptance. Moonstone fosters intuition and emotional healing, while Tigers Eye enhances confidence and self-worth. Negative thoughts are transformed into a refreshed perspective. Most importantly, this kit encourages you to have confidence in yourself, fostering a deep sense of inner harmony and fulfillment. 

Please note we intuitively pick these sets, so you will receive a set close to the ones pictured after these ones sell out!