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The Stone Maidens

Hibiscus Flower Whole - Ritual Apothecary

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Hibiscus Flower Whole (Hibiscus sabdariffa)

Please select the amount you'd like to receive. 

Small Bag - 2" x 3" weighs roughly 0.18 ounces 
Medium Bag - 3" x 4" weighs roughly 0.50 ounces 
Large Bag - 4" x 6" weighs roughly 1 ounce 

Knowledge is Power ☾
Hibiscus flowers are often linked with love, passion, beauty, attraction, divination, intuition, joy, and spiritual awakening.
Burn dried hibiscus flowers as incense or scatter them around your home to create a protective barrier. Meditate with hibiscus flowers to promote inner peace and emotional well-being. Hibiscus is especially known for their ability to increase love in a room by burning them as incense or carrying it with you in a sachet or organza bag. 

Kindly note that the bags are shown lying flat. While certain herbs, flowers, or resin may appear to fill the bags completely in the images, they may appear approximately 3/4 full when standing upright. Rest assured, all herbs have been weighed to ensure you receive the correct ounces. The level of fullness in each bag varies depending on the density of the specific herb, flower, or resin.

Disclaimer: Our dried herbs, flowers, resins, roots, and powders are intended for ritual and spell work purposes only. They are not intended for human consumption or medicinal use. We do not make any claims about the efficacy or results of using these herbs and flowers for magical or spiritual practices. Use at your own discretion and risk. Always consult a physician before using herbal products, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medication(s). Keep out of reach of children and pets. By purchasing and using our products, you agree to use them responsibly and for their intended purpose.