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The Stone Maidens

Mystic Black Cat Enamel Pin

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Mystic Black Cat Enamel Pin.

Enamel pins are great to put on backpacks, purses, sweaters, hats or lanyards. You can even put them on cork boards or wood picture frames.

They make really cute gifts.           

Measuring: 4cm x 4cm

Knowledge is Power ☾
In the world of witchcraft and the occult, black cats hold a special significance as familiar companions to witches. They are often seen as guardians of the mystical realms, possessing an innate understanding of magic and the unseen. Black cats are believed to be conduits between the physical and spiritual worlds, serving as guides and protectors to those who practice witchcraft. Their sleek and mysterious presence symbolizes the hidden knowledge and intuition inherent in witchcraft, while their association with darkness and the night reflects the power of the lunar energies embraced by practitioners. Overall, black cats symbolize a blend of mystique, intuition, and the duality of light and darkness.