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The Stone Maidens

Palo Santo Rune Set

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You will receive 1 set of Elder Futhark Runes Made from Reclaimed Palo Santo.
The 25 pieces come in a black velvet bag with a printed out meaning guide on handmade cotton paper.  

Runes serve as a tool for divination, akin to tarot cards or pendulums. They are used to facilitate the acquisition of insights from one's higher self. There is a multitude of techniques for interpreting runes, allowing for both straightforward and intricate readings. When working with these ancient symbols, it is advisable to begin by energetically purifying them, much like you would with a tarot deck.

A wonderful addition to your practice or give as a gift.

Knowledge is Power ☾
These Palo Santo Wood Runes are made from reclaimed Palo Santo wood from Peru. Since these are taken from scraps of wood which have naturally fallen and could not be used for sticks, the individual runes vary slightly in size and shape. Palo Santo trees aka Holy Wood are protected by regulations and have to be harvested in a sustainable way. Only dead tress and fallen branches can be harvested.