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The Stone Maidens

Palo Santo Stick

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Single Palo Santo Stick. A wonderful addition to your rituals.

How to use: Point one end of a stick down into a flame, because Palo Santo takes longer to catch let it burn for about 30 seconds (to insure it is fully lit) and blow it out. Once your stick is smoking, you can start clearing the energy. When your intended purpose is done place the stick on a fire safe bowl or dish. Please note that Palo Santo is quite a strong scent so a little bit of smoke does go a long way.

Knowledge is Power ☾
Palo Santo is a highly cherished type of wood that derives from the Palo Santo trees found in South America. Palo Santo is a wonderful tool to cleanse spaces/people/objects of negative energy. Palo Santo has many benefits to using it, just a few of the things it can relieve is; flu symptoms, stress, headaches, inflammation. 

Due to every Palo Santo stick being unique, every stick will be slightly different but close to the ones shown.

Please Note: Our Palo Santo is ethically sourced and imported from Peru.