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The Stone Maidens

Sterling Silver Skull Ring

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This Dainty Skull Ring is so rad!

The perfect addition to your rings ! The small size of this skull helps make this ring look dainty so it will blend perfectly with any rings you wear at the same time!

Please use the drop down menu to select your size.

If you do not see your size, feel free to message us! We can custom make one to your desired size.  

Knowledge is Power ☾
Wearing pure Sterling Silver jewellery has many benefits to the wearer the same way gemstones are beneficial.
Silver is known to aiding in fighting infections, healing wounds, and overall circulation throughout the body. Wearing sterling silver is also a very helpful for anyone who suffers from inflammation issues and arthritis. From pain relief to healing properties silver is worn as a protective force, blocking any negative emotions or environmental elements from the wearer.