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The Stone Maidens

Large Tourmaline Freeform - 01

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This stunning Black Tourmaline Freeform is a magnificent specimen boasting a captivating blend of rugged natural beauty and polished elegance. With its rough sides and polished top, this large piece exudes an aura of strength and sophistication. Perfect for both crystal enthusiasts and those seeking energetic protection, its commanding presence adds a touch of mystique to any environment.

Please note: The top is semi polished with the sides left raw.  It also has a piece of velvet on the bottom to protect your surface. 

Measuring: 2.6 inches tall x 3.10 inches wide x 2.4 inches thick 
weighs: 644g

Knowledge is Power ☾
Chakra: Root Chakra
Healing Properties: Black Tourmaline is a powerful protective stone, grounding and repelling negative energies. It is known to enhance self-confidence and provide a sense of security.
Usage: Black Tourmaline can be placed near the root chakra during meditation to establish a strong grounding connection. It is also beneficial as a protective stone in your living space or worn as a talisman.