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The Stone Maidens

Vintage Silver Ornate Footed Basket

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A stunning Vintage Silver Ornate Footed Basket that serves as a wonderful offering bowl.

This bowl is often referred to as a Victorian Bride’s Bowl (or basket), because it was a popular wedding gift. Would be a perfect addition to your decor, altar or given as a wedding gift!

We can't help but be enchanted by the intricate details adorning this basket. 

Measurements: 9.5 inches wide x stands 3 inches tall (handle up, roughly 10 inches) 
Condition: unpolished with some scratches from use.
Stamped: MANF'D AND GUARANTEED BY Toronto Standard Silver Co LTD 130 Special Hard White Metal 

Knowledge is Power:
"Standard Silver Company operated in Toronto from 1893-1925, the company was founded in 1893, succeeded the Acme Silver Company they merged with International Silver in 1912."

We have not polished or used any sort of treatment.
Please be sure to look closely at all photos as we have tried to to capture any marks or flaws.