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The Stone Maidens

Large Vintage Hibiscus Silver Dish

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This enchanting Vintage Dish would be a perfect place to store jewelry, crystals or herbs. Also a wonderful incense / Palo Santo holder. 

We love the double handles on this dish and the Hibiscus Flower details on each side, making it look even more magical.

You have the choice of buying just the dish or adding a bag of sand and a Palo Santo Stick.

Measurements: 5 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide (opening is 3.5 inches wide)
Condition: unpolished, tarnished and some surface scratches from use.
Stamped: MANF'D and Guaranteed Standard Silver Co LTD Toronto 2043 Special Hard White Metal 

We have not polished or used any sort of treatment.
Please be sure to look closely at all photos as we have tried to to capture any marks or flaws.