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The Stone Maidens

Vintage Carved Wood Book Stand

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This collapsible wooden book holder is hand-carved with a gorgeous roping pattern framing a sunflower on each side. It has a medium-dark wood tone.

Whether holding a cherished book on a coffee table, keeping a cookbook accessible in the kitchen, or showcasing your grimoire, this versatile piece is both beautiful and functional. Remarkably well-preserved, it dates back to the 1920s, making it a unique and enduring addition to any space. 

Measurements Approximately: 
Open: almost 14 inches wide and stands 7.5 inches tall x 7 inches wide 
Closed: 14inches x 7 inches 
Condition: unpolished with some surface scratches from use.

We have not polished or used any sort of cleaning treatment.
Please be sure to look closely at all photos as we have tried to to capture any marks or flaws.