About Us

As with everything in life, there is change. A constant change to become better and adapt to the times. The Stone Maidens began as "Kruel Intentions" as a small side hobby. Kruel Intentions began to transform by adding new items to our Etsy shop and exploring new methods of crafting. There came a point where the name of our business did not fit with who we evolved into. This is how The Stone Maidens came to light.
Just like Kruel Intentions, Stone Maidens will also awaken the magic within our souls and inspire us to continuously create. Motivated by the Power of Three, we each embody a different artistic avenue while complimenting and nurturing that individuality. Stone Maidens incorporates the energy and healing properties of crystals, the complexity of fire and metal, and the intricate knotting and weaving of natures fibres. 
The Kruel Intentions chapter is now closed but join us on this new adventure The Stone Maidens.