Boho Raw Elestial Amethyst Crystal Ring


These Beautiful Elestial Amethyst Sterling Silver Rings come in three different sizes:
5.5 US
7 3/4 US
9 1/4 US

Please select your size using the drop down menu.

Knowledge is Power ☾
Elestial Amethyst vibrations work as master healers (physical healing as well as mental healing).
The translation for "Elestial" is "Crystal of the Angels" thus providing a stronger connection to the angelic/spirit realm. A lovely crystal to have with you throughout the day to bring calming, protective, and healing vibrations.

Each stone has been hand selected for its beauty and vibrational pull. 100% handmade setting, starting from a sheet of sterling silver. Our Silver Maiden, Kloe has measured, cut, soldered, filed and polished to create a beautiful nest for each stone.  

♥ This will come gift wrapped♥
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