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The Stone Maidens

Fire and Ice Quartz Tower - Crackle Quartz 02

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This is the exact Fire and Ice Quartz tower you will receive. 

Measuring: 1.62" tall x .92" x .70"
Weighs: 30g 

Knowledge is Power ☾
Chakra: Third Eye, Crown

Healing Properties: Fire and Ice Quartz, also known as Crackled Quartz, boosts energy levels and promotes harmony by balancing opposing forces. It counters negative energies, fostering clarity and positive emotions. It's particularly useful during busy times, aiding in mental focus and emotional stability. This stone provides the best of both worlds, offering an energizing boost and instilling a profound sense of calm and relaxation during overwhelming moments.
Usage: Fire and Ice Quartz can be placed on the Third Eye or Crown Chakras to activate them, deflecting negativity and enhancing mental clarity. It's a versatile stone suitable for various energy practices, catering to both beginners and advanced users.
Affirmation: "I am in harmony with the energies around me. My mind is clear, and positivity guides my thoughts."

Additional Information:
Fire and Ice Quartz, or Crackled Quartz, is created through heat treatment, which introduces temperature differences to natural quartz, resulting in the distinctive cracks and fissures underneath the crystals surface. This process enhances the stone's appearance, giving it a shimmering rainbow effect when exposed to light.