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The Stone Maidens

Antique Tray with Handles

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This beautiful ornate Vintage Tray has the perfect witchy vibe, especially with the the intricate details.

Elevate your witchy aesthetic by using this ornate tray as a captivating storage solution for your cherished jewelry, mystical crystals, or potent herbs. With its bewitching charm, this enchanting vintage piece can also serve as a captivating Holiday Centerpiece, adding a touch of magic to your celebrations!

Measurements: Almost 12 inches x 6 inches 
Condition: unpolished, tarnished spots with some surface scratches from use
Stamped: Victorian Plate E.P. COPPER B.M. Mounts 14201/2

We have not polished or used any sort of treatment. However, you could polish this dish if you are after a shiny finish. Please be sure to look closely at all photos as we have tried to to capture any marks or flaws.