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The Stone Maidens

4mm Moss Agate Bracelet

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This beautiful Green Moss Agate Bracelet is made up of 4mm rounded beads. 

It is a perfect way to carry your favourite healing crystal/gemstone with you all day long! This bracelet is perfect by itself or even stacked with others.

Our bracelets are made out of a strong stretchy cord and should stretch to fit over the majority of wrist sizes. 

Knowledge is Power ☾ 
Chakra: Heart
Healing Properties: Moss Agate, a crystal of abundance and growth, resonates with the heart chakra. Known for its earthy energy and unique moss-like inclusions, Moss Agate is believed to enhance fertility, prosperity, and connection to nature. It is associated with the plant kingdom, promoting emotional balance, stability, and the pursuit of personal goals.
Usage: Place Moss Agate over the heart chakra during meditation to foster emotional healing and a deeper connection to nature. Its grounding energy makes it an excellent companion for those seeking stability and growth. Carry Moss Agate as a pocket stone or incorporate it into jewelry to stay connected to its nurturing vibrations throughout the day.
Affirmation: "I am in harmony with the natural cycles of life. Moss Agate's energy nurtures my heart, promoting growth, and prosperity."