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The Stone Maidens

Black Obsidian Chips

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These Black Obsidian Crystal Chips are great for candle making, crafts, resin jewelry, or to place in jars upon your altar. You could even scatter these Chips in your terrariums!

So many uses for these undrilled Black Obsidian Chips!

Measuring 6-9 mm.

Please use the menu to select the weight: 
30g = 1.06oz
70g= 2.5oz 
200g = 7.05oz

Knowledge is Power ☾
Chakra: Root
Healing Properties: Obsidian, a powerful and protective volcanic glass, is strongly connected to the root chakra. This grounding crystal is known for its ability to absorb and transmute negative energies, providing a shield against psychic attacks and emotional distress. Obsidian is believed to foster self-control, truth, and clarity, making it an excellent companion for those seeking balance and protection.
Usage: Place Obsidian at the base of the spine or hold it during meditation to strengthen the connection to the root chakra. It is also effective for energy cord-cutting rituals, helping release attachments to negative influences. Wearing Obsidian as jewelry or carrying it in your pocket can provide a constant source of grounding energy throughout the day.
Affirmation: "I am grounded, protected, and free from negative influences. I move forward with strength and clarity.

The hand photo shows you how many Chips are in the 70g bag.