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The Stone Maidens

Crystal Set for Anxiety - Your Choice

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"Go easy on yourself. Whatever you do today, let it be enough"

Find peace with our Anxiety Relief Crystal Kit, featuring Tigers Eye, Smoky Quartz, Moonstone, and Selenite. Tigers Eye instills courage and confidence, while Smoky Quartz absorbs negative energy and promotes emotional stability. Moonstone brings soothing energy and emotional balance, while Selenite clears the mind of worries and promotes inner peace. These stones help reduce anxiety by calming your soul and easing your mind. The vibrational pull will balance your energy while keeping the mind open to clear thinking. Putting situations into perspective can help conquer certain anxieties.

Use this kit to calm your nerves, reduce stress, and restore a sense of serenity in your life.

This Crystal Healing Set is intended for calming Anxiety. The perfect gift or addition to your own collection.

Crystal Measurements - Set 1 
Tigers Eye Freeform: 70mm x 42mm 
Smoky Quartz Cluster: 65mm x 60mm 
Moonstone Palmstone: 53mm x 40mm 
Selenite Worry stone: 37mm x 27mm 

Crystal Measurements - Set 2
Tigers Eye Freeform: 71mm x 42mm 
Smoky Quartz Cluster: 71mm x 58mm 
Moonstone Palmstone: 56mm x 48mm 
Selenite Worry stone: 37mm x 27mm