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The Stone Maidens

Crystal Set for Wealth and Abundance - Your Choice

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Unlock prosperity and abundance with our Crystal Kit for Wealth and Abundance, featuring Green Aventurine, Pyrite, Clear Quartz, and Tigers Eye. Green Aventurine attracts opportunities and luck in financial matters, while Pyrite ignites the fire of ambition and helps manifest your goals into reality. Clear Quartz amplifies intentions and clears blockages, while Tigers Eye fosters determination and success. Use this powerful combination to attract abundance, increase prosperity, and manifest your financial goals with confidence and clarity.

We absolutely love these hand picked crystals for this set. The shimmers and high quality of each crystal is so inspiring and absolutely perfect for the purpose of this set!

Please select the set that is calling to you! 

Crystal Measurements: Set A
Tigers Eye Tumble: 34mm x 26mm 
Rough Pyrite Cluster: 59mm x 28mm 
Double Terminated Clear Quartz: 73mm x 24mm 
Dark Green Aventurine: 63mm x 48mm 

Crystal Measurements: Set B
Tigers Eye Tumble: 40mm x 28mm 
Rough Pyrite Cluster: 53mm x 45mm 
Double Terminated Clear Quartz: 66mm x 20mm 
Dark Green Aventurine: 60mm x 45mm 

Crystal Measurements: Set C
Tigers Eye Tumble: 34mm x 29mm 
Rough Pyrite Cluster: 44mm x 42mm 
Double Terminated Clear Quartz: 60mm x 23mm 
Dark Green Aventurine: 61mm x 47mm