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The Stone Maidens

Pink Heulandite Cluster

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This Pink Heulandite Geode Cluster is stunning!

Doesn't this look like a beautiful fairy crescent moon ?
A wonderful addition your crystal collection, crystal altar or given as a gift!

Measuring: 5" long  x 2.5" wide x roughly 1.4" tall
Weighs: 204g

Knowledge is Power ☾ 
Chakra: Heart, Crown
Healing Properties: Pink Heulandite, a crystal of compassion and spiritual connection, aligns with the heart and crown chakras. Recognized for its delicate pink hues, Pink Heulandite is believed to enhance unconditional love, spiritual growth, and connection to higher realms. It is associated with promoting compassion, forgiveness, and the release of emotional wounds. Pink Heulandite is thought to assist in opening the heart and crown chakras, fostering a deep sense of love and spiritual enlightenment.
Usage: Place Pink Heulandite on the heart or crown chakra during meditation to amplify feelings of unconditional love and spiritual connection. Its delicate pink color is said to bring a sense of warmth and emotional healing. Carry Pink Heulandite as a pocket stone or incorporate it into your sacred space to benefit from its loving and spiritually enlightening properties throughout the day.
Affirmation: "I am surrounded by unconditional love and spiritual connection. Pink Heulandite's gentle energy surrounds me, promoting compassion, forgiveness, and a deep sense of spiritual enlightenment."